Cracking down on crime, anti-social behaviour and fly-tipping

Supported by the record number of 5120 police officers in the Thames Valley, thanks to the government's investment, Gareth has worked with the local police to make real progress on issues that matter here.

When local residents approached Gareth with concerns over increased burglaries, he immediately organised a packed public meeting in Amersham with the Police Area Commander, resulting in increased police patrols and a sharp fall in burglaries in the Chiltern and South Bucks area. Earlier this year, following another packed public meeting in Chesham, where concerns were raised by local residents about gold burglaries, Gareth launched a petition to require ID checks for all gold sales, which he recently presented to the Home Secretary. Furthermore, as a member of the Police Advisory Group, Gareth regularly meets with senior local police officers and helped recruit the new Chief Constable for Thames Valley Police. 

Gareth will continue to work closely with our local police officers, and make sure residents concerns are heard loud and clear at the very top of government, in order to keep our community safe.